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WhatsApp Help Tips And Tricks WhatsApp Review

WhatsApp Tips And Tricks
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp a lot and it's no surprise considering its the most used messaging app on the planet well you might be an average watch abuser chances are you're not aware of all cool tips and tricks are hidden inside water WhatsApp recently introduced the new phone that you can use in text messages all you need to do is add three grave accent characters

1. Change Font 

 the sentence or word iPhone owners can find a grave accent character press holding an apostrophe when the android keyboard Features on the second page of symbols are the situation on windows and mac boys you will find a carrot just below the escape.

2. Multiple WhatApp Accounts

Android device you can do this on android using the palace space app we have already covered how you can use to snap chat account on device and you can use the same way to use to WhatsApp supplements so make sure to check out the video you can even use multiple works separate ones on your PC mac all Chromebook using the all-in-one messenger chrome app along with multiple WhatsApp accounts the chrome app also lets you use radius different massagers I n a single windows pretty cool right sadly there's no way to use multiple works app accounts on a iPhone  

3. Avoid Sending Read Receipts 

iPhone uses the reduce its feature is a boon for some why not so much for others the good news is you can message on iPhone using 3D touch to peak into the massage and the dudes will  not be the same pose so he will as you might have guessed feature is only available for phones that have 3d touch enabled another. 

The ability to add a previous text in your play  they should be especially handy in group checks considering it can get a little confusing at times as to who someone is referring to in a group jack to us it referring to in a group jack to use it you can just press hold on the message you want to quote and hit the replay button then type in your reply and simply ended after which you should see the cortex with you replied.

5. Hide  notification previews

The next week about annoying notification previews well this previous WhatsApp on the notification center and lock screen can be very annoying due to the simplest fact that anyone who is  using your phone and easily get a glimpse of private messages on phone you can easily start notification reviewed by going to that app setting then going to notifications and simply turning off show preview at the end of the page on the other hand what does not include the ability to hide previews o n android bot you can use the offices built-in notification manager who had workshops notification to do you can android settings go to apps and scroll down below to find water in the WhatsApp into page go to notification and select block keep in mind though that will desert in notifications from WhatsApp on your android smartphone. 

6. Share with Multiple People 

Moving o n ion WhatsApp current iteration when you try and share something the messenger from an external source you can only send it to a single contact all group really talks about to change as the new words have betta lets you share media or any other content to multiple groups all contacts on WhatsApp. 

7. know your Beat Friend 

iPhone only trick is the ability to check who you talk to most just here the world WhatsApp settings go to account then tap on storage use and you will see contact with whom you share the most messages and media well now you know where your best friends.

8. formatted Text 

Hidden features but it is something many people still don't normal and that is the ability to format text in what app you can simply bowl a sentence or word by adding a start at the start, in the end, underscore fruit Alex and billy was like through.

9. Check Delivery & Read Reports 
iPhone all you need to do is left side on a message on android you can press hold on the message and then tap on the information once done you will see who has a radio message along with details on when exactly. 

10. Unblock Yourself in Whatsapp

Unblocking yourself from someone's account we don't really recommend but if you really need to contact someone who has blocked you the only way first head over to WhatsApp setting go to account then select the live accounts here into your mobile number and tap handle ground once your account is deleted and uninstall WhatsApp from your device once done we start your android smartphone audio phone when your device restarts install WhatsApp again from the app store or google play store again interview details and start using your check on WhatsApp confident be and block fro all account a blog you, however, keep in mind that all your data will be lost including your messages media group charts or anything else.
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New iPhone 8 Smartphone

new Iphone 8 smartphone
I phone 8

iPhone 8 the next smartphone 

The 11processor-scanners Irish and frameless displaying the gadget will be a revolutionary device with many new features and redesigned in 2017 the line flagship iPhone smartphones will 10 years and it seems that apple is planning to celebrate anniversary before running EPL iPhone 8 left more than a year but after american companies ambitious plans for the device already has a lot of rumors about the functions and features of your smartphone it many also be transition the use OLED technology and its real apple may show more subtle iPhone 8 which consumes significantly less power and offers a higher quality display with high contrast ratio eight iPhone released apple iPhone 8 is at an early stage of development  and its release will take place and not in 2017 a few months before. 

The iPhone 8 release date we learn about its technical characteristics and changes in design this year we expect to see the iPhone 7 with more modest changes in appearance therefore if apple will not abandon the traditions of their own the phone age will be available in September 2017 according to earlier assumptions the next year will be released fun date with a completely new design and the frameless display the company may even give up a physical home button in favor of a capacitive and the fingerprint scanners built into the screen iPhone features eight inside the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a processor athlete 11 performed on the 10 million meter process technology this will improve not only the performance.

The smartphone but its autonomy, in addition, the manufacturer equipment device wireless charging long range and biometric components of the scanner of the iris components of the scanner of theirs and face display super AMOLED five dot 5 inch quad HD resolution 3d touch glass corning gorilla glass six processor apple 11 and from the M11 processor 10 nanometer process technology memory three gigabytes of ram four gigabytes plus 64/128 256 of a gigabyte constant camera 16 megapixel main and eight megapixel front optical image stabilization aperture F 1.8 os ios 11 battery 2350 Emily paul 3550 and plus. 

Wireless charging design he's playing analyst suggested the upcoming apple iPhone will be equipped with old screen TV as apple has signed a deal with at least one manufacturer Samsung for the production of panels for the new smartphone  the debut of which is scheduled for 2017 that's how quickly the company can customize the screen of production defense when the I phone 8 will be released OLED displays do not require additional lighting which is used in the traditional iPhone LCD panels that will make mobile gadgets Cupertino office thinner and lighter screen formed by this technology may also be flexible which contributes to an apparatus with a curved display from san also offer.

The best contrast ratio excellent viewing angles and more efficient power consumption of course technology has drawbacks the life of for example is not as high as that of LCD screens on the question regarding rumors diagonal screen divided into two fronts some suggest that Samsung will supply five dot 5-inch panels while others claim that one of the module fun dates will be equipped with five dock 8 inch display with improved characteristics CPU the company TSMC which is the main supplier of chipsets for apple is finalizing its own 10 manometer solutions these processors have become part of the iPhone 8 and their delivery is expected to begin in early 2017.

The new chipset built on 10 manometers process technology will be able to both the best energy efficiency and perform camera about EPL iPhone camera 8 we also almost unknown but if this year apple introduced the iPhone 7 plus with you lent it is possible that we will see in the next successor the future flagship model is likely to receive a 16-megapixel center with optical image stabilization and aperture f 1.8 it is possible that the characteristics of the camera will remain at the same level wireless charger according to rumours apple is preparing a long-range wireless charging technology which it will present in 2017.

The iPhone 8 wireless charging long-range superior to any other existing method of wireless charging because it operates at a relative distance from the source this technique, of course, has disadvantages the biggest loss is the efficiency of energy transfer the farther the source that is the charge the lower charge rate lower charge rate over the past few months apple has hired a team of engineers specialized in charge of such technologies which confirms the aforementioned words nomination following the standard naming convention with the increase in number year after year to mark the external changes and the prefix that only to refer to hardware upgrade the next flagship smartphone line 7sk the iPhone name given apple plans for drastic changes in the iPhone in 2017. 

The design does not seem that it will have the pre-success in the title consequently there is a likelihood that the company will miss the whole cycle and introduce next year's 8i phone iPhone 8 is tentative name for the device and it seems the most logical choice for a major renovation there is always a chance that apple will call it as something different or even at all refuse from the present scheme of naming their own smartphone other features according to the well-known in was being chief who apple is planning equip iPhone 8iris scanner, of course, will improve the security of user data it is expected that the iPhone 8 will get ultra-fast NAND flash memory from Samsung. 

The new generation of tablets available and diversion with 256 gigabytes of internal memory so many people believe that that the company will sell similar versions of smartphones price iPhone 8 the cost of the future flagship phone it will not change it compared to its predecessors a year before the release of the device is difficult to say exact number or the number of built-in memory option but we will try to predict the price of the basic model iPhone 8 Russia should be around 55,000 drew both in 2017 apple may refuse two models with 16 gigabytes of memory so how today this amount is too small.
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Android Games This Year Action games

new android games this year action games
New android games

1. Geometry dash world

Brand-new adventure new levels new music new monsters knew everything passes on timing and you'll need to make sure that you're getting the right all the time select your click finger as you jump flying flip your way through dark caves and spike obstacles discovered last play online levels and find the secrets hidden within world of guaranteed cash be able to dance the world  is game of split-second reactions but there are some skills that you can learn to make sure you're not going to fail too much

2. Rollercoaster tycoon classic

The new rest experience combine the best features from rollercoaster tycoon and roller coaster tycoon to create and run amazing parts complete with the most outrageous rights imaginable create and run amazing compete with the most outrageous right imaginable create incredible rollercoaster quickly build a premade decide or use ingenuity of peace by building tools to design a theme on you own unique writer builder unlimited theme park in variety of challenging environment progress 295 classic spark scenarios experience classic style careful in symmetric graphics and original amusement park music and sound effects

3. Pixel mon shooting

Pixelmon shooting online goal is the epic action game filled with a magical battle in full 3d pixelated graphics it's a wonderful but rough the word where it's either kill or be killed fight against other players and collect pixel mon pace by opening eggs be able to build up into to pick the monster to create unique weapons defeat other players and collect trophies left after death eater hunter before your hunted used dozens of various guns and explore mysterious island and pick four months

4. Castle creeps

Castle clip TD is the latest our defense android games from us play entertainment LTD big amount of enemies and heroes fighting each other to defend the castle in the latest cd game tense ready to face countless challenging battles a taste hard-earned victory as you build upgrade and repair horde collecting towers recruiting level of mighty heroes to protect the kingdom in this top tower defense experience upgraded powers increase the shooting power and defense call legendary to help you get reward for each destroyed opponent game future 10 interesting characters for the exciting levels and bright graphics

5. Hot Wheels: Race off

The best free racing game today as you drive through the game you'll earn coins and you need to spend is to make your vehicles better erase 20-plus hot wheels cars across 44 insane physics racing fan class of bruisers loops and jumps to stand on the iconic what wheels orange track it's something to try and grab all the coins everyone going to get enough that you play


android game slightly fingers down to throw ball to break bricks a lot 35 balls including some unique ball simple ball super mini ball etc place to enjoy the nonstop first challenge your friends of the world with google play support and break hundred stage colorful Ul and sound effects and attractive character to make the game marvelous be careful the game steal your time

7. spider-man hero 

the final battle is this is the amazing adventure  game find the truth about your past and determine the fate of the whole galaxy find all hidden secrets of this story your parents were scientists in a secret laboratory all truth about the life and experience are hidden it will not be so easy to solve the mystery maybe there will be some criminal elements solve this case for analyzing all clothes the hero and save the world and mason missions unlimited power of superhero fighting for justice

8. Five Nights at Freddy's 

The game the players interact with the new cast of the animatronic characters essential to which is seemingly benevolent animatronic named circus baby game includes custom nights at full extra menu to guess which is all five nights the PC game

9. Need speed no limits or

Great game for plans of racing clutch headlock into extreme and dangerous world os street racing feel the ultimate thrill when added into the driver's seat explorer dynamic environment and launch yourself

10. The walking Dead 

young man determined to find a family taken from him you meet young girl who has experienced her own imaginable loss her name is clementine and you face have gone together in a story where every choice you make it could be your last paycheck with the surrounding objects and use fine objects from your inventory yo progress through the game in some situations you have limited time so hurry up or the hero future interest story favorite heroes.
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Android games Review

android games review
Best Android Games

1. Fast like a fox 

Game is simple and fun to play all you do is collect certain items as you want to jump to level game adapts the freemium model and occasionally will play ads in between the levels overall I'd say there's a good game to play with all your commuting or what you're looking to waste time it's simple enough to where it will help you pass the time for a few minutes

2. Trumpy Well  

President trump had a campaign promise to build a well this game pokes fun at that concept and has made a very entertaining it's another simple game but that will prove a decent left challenge to make it very fun to play all you have to do is select the color in front of you before the following parts of the wall hit character is very nice and easy and it definitely helps pass

3. Charge 

Game is simple enough you hold down the little bar until the battery reaches a certain level and then you let it go it seems very one-dimensional but it's a good game to pass the time and it's actually quite challenging when it gets to certain parts, for example, it took me quite some time to get past the fifty percent marks I was honestly super-close

4. Square IT 

Game is a little different from the previous three it requires a bit more thought than the other games we have checked out this far this game consists of being able to fill the shape by moving it in one motion it start simple and continually gets more difficult as you progress through I would


Break over a minute without any of the missiles hitting me but the challenge only makes it more fun and makes me want to play it some more

6. Smash

Smash rocket is again a pretty simple game all you do is aim the different rockets at the different rocks surrounding the play senator and you destroy them to get to level there's different types of rocket some that will that spin some that go both ways and others just a min one direction and the surrounding objects sometimes change as well these things vary depending what on level the game yet overall it is a pretty neat game

7. Tiny Striker

Played soccer game is not very challenging however it's easy to just get in the rhythm and play this game for an extended amount of time without really noticing  is definitely not a game for people who are looking for huge challenges it's really more of an entertaining

8. Higher Lower 

all the games that we 've taken a look at this game is all about what you think google more so determined the number and then you get a topic and you have to guess whether it gets a higher amount of google searches or a lower about google searches and the object of the game is to get as many right answers in a row as possible personally I find this game quite interesting to see what people google and how much they google it and only that it is actually sometimes challenging that guess whether something gets cooled more than something else

9. Putthole 

Potthole is a very fun game in which you have to construct potholes that lead from the golf ball to the hole four points it's not very difficult but if you mess up a movie can get very challenging you definitely have to think several moves ahead in order to do well in this game and at the same spent a good 30 minutes on accident just trying to set a new high score

10. Spin 

the screen to go through the rounds the object of the games to get a high score as possible and all you really have to do is wait for the little gaps in the circles to line up and tap it at the right time to go through to the next level now this seems very easy but as you progress you will run into some challenges as they make the gap wider or thinner and also depends on the speed the circle you are on and the oncoming circle overall it is a very fun game but one negative thing about it is that sometimes full screen ads do pop up randomly and you will click on them just out of habit but definitely suggest you electronics from consoles to other electronics to a multitude of cell phones we 're currently rocking skins on all of our devices 
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Overall History The Past to Feature Smartphones

Overall History past to feature smartphones
History Smartphone

History Smartphone

The history of smartphones timeline from the launch of the iPhone in 2007 to the resignation of rims bosses a history of the most competitive technology market in the world January 2007 Steve jobs chief executive of apple unveils the iPhone which he says is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer calls it the most expensive phone in the world April 2007 technology research company Gardner says that in  the first three months of 2007 Microsoft's Windows Mobile had an 18-percent share of the smartphone market.

Then totaling 17 meters handsets November 2007 google announces it will offer the Android mobile operating  system for free anyone can use it and change it by  default it uses it uses google  services for search email video ask if there will be a google phone head of android and Reuben relies there will be thousands of google phone some you like some you don't Microsoft bomber says we'll have to see what google does right now they have a press release we have many many millions of customers great software many hardware devices and they welcome in our world October two thousand eight apple announces 4.7 meters iPhone in the summer quarter giving nearly thirteen percent of the smartphone market research in motion had had fifteen percent November two thousand eight first android phone.

The g1 launches it has a slideout keyboard and limited touchscreen capability December two thousand eight Microsoft decides to kill off windows mobile because compete with the iPhone and  android and develop windows phone it completely new mobile operating system autumn 2009 rim  has a 20-percent share of the smartphone market from July-to-September says gardener second only to Nokia Symbian which has 44- percent January 2010 apple launches.

the iPad attending tablet February 2010 android phones with full touchscreen interaction like the iPhone appear march 2010 steve jobs need to google chief executive eric Schmidt and threatens him over what he sees as copying of iPhone features in android apple suits Taiwan's HTC over as touchscreen android phone April 2010 google's android game just under ten percent of the market in first three months of 2010 says Gardner September 2010 Samsung launches galaxy tab 27 and tablet, Lepak  a late flow resigns as CEO of Nokia he is replaced by Stephen Elop who joins from Microsoft office division October 2010 Microsoft's first phones runtime windows phone sales are low-class  cries rims co-chief executive shows off the playbook a 7 tablet January 2011 researchers gardener and IDC announced that smartphones outsold pcs worldwide.

 the last three months of 2001 hundred meters as against 93 meters February 2011 in lobby announces that Nokia will use Microsoft's windows phone software for future smartphone in a stage presentation alongside valor April 2011 apple becomes the largest smartphone vendor by numbers and revenue selling 18.6 meters iPhone just ahead of Samsung's 17.5 meters in the year's first quarter android becomes the best-selling smartphone platform with a 36-point six percent share ahead of some beings 27- percent apple Samsung in us over the appearance.

 The galaxy tab tablet and follows it up with a string of legal cases around world claiming infringement   of patents and trade dress all over our ongoing jun 2011 apple and Nokia sign a patent licensing agreement following a four-year dispute apple hands over for 30 minutes settlement and degrees a per  handset royalty for the future Microsoft begins demanding payments from makers of android handsets claiming patent infringement Samsung and HTC agree /handset payments July two thousand eleven android takes forty-three percent t of the smartphone market in the second quarter of the year says Gardner October two thousand eleven Samsung become the largest smartphone vendor according to estimates the company has stopped giving smartphone shipment numbers over concerns about apple's lawsuits dot Enochian unveils. 

the Lumia 800 its first windows phones device apple announces it has sold 11.1 meters pads giving sixty percent share of the entire market November two thousand eleven android had more than fifty percent of the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2011 says Gartner December two thousand eleven rim takes a 485 million dollars charge against an estimated 1.2 meters unsold playbook sitting in its warehouses January 2012 Microsoft gets LG to pay undisclosed 4 handset royalties Microsoft says it now has such agreements for seventy percent of android handsets sold in the u.s. generate 2012 Jim Balsillie and class  Aaron has resigned as co-CEOs and co-chairman of rim replaced by Torstenyeears  his and barbara stymied who have been with the company for some years
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Poplars Free Android Apps | Muviz, Tiles, Prisma beta, Pyrope browser, Photos scan, Walli app, parallel windows for nougat, Opera VPN, Inquire | Best apps

Poplars free android apps
Android Apps

Official Poplars apps

Best apps 2017 are 10 free android applications


Displays a music visualizer beneath navbar while listening to a song or watching a video and you don't even need to have a phone with virtual and that bars to join the app works on the bottom of the screen for standard to these are pretty neat visualizations that you can customize to your liking plenty of templates to choose from personally to keep it simple and subtle but you can go crazy it also only enables when there is actual sound playing on your device so it gets out of the way when you're not listening to anything 

2. Tiles 

Andrew gets so if your phone is still on marshmallow or below you should skip to the next appt anyways this is a great way to create new and unique tiles on your quick setting panel with plenty of commands to choose from quickly retrieve weather conditions enter demoed set reminder to be shown as a notification set the system-wide animation value and so much more plus most styles that pop up with a window have amazing animations with a materialized look and the custom icons in well with your default icons

 3. Prisma beta 

Prisma is a photo app that applies a series of artistic filters to your photos and allows you to share the final result to your social feeds  and save them on you phone as well there's plenty of filters to choose from and your typical Instagram filters each filter probably turned each photo into an amazing painting pretty intense shared the beta version with you because it should get fixed and enhanced features before the other listing on the play store eight 

4. Navbar Apps 

The same old navigation bar you can use this app to spice things up a bit this allows you to change the color of your map are based on the currently running app select cool backgrounds for a unique look to display your battery level and much more it require root very simple to use all you need is a navigation bar and ready to go three 

5. Pyrope Browser

Pyrope browser based on the CyanogenMod browser and chromium pyrope is a great alternative to google chrome with plenty of useful features you have incognito-mode search privately a power-saving mode to improve battery life by restricting performance night mode immersive mode edge navigation a dynamic notification bar to change the status bar color based on the wedsite you're on offline reading and so much more plus if you phone has a snapdragon processor then you will experience an increase in performance by ten to forty percent making this faster than most browsers on the play store 

6. Photos Scan

new scanner app from google photos that lets you scan and state your favorite printed photos just by using your phone's camera and it works just fine it also varies easy-to-use getting rid of any glare  has automatic cropping based on edge detection and backs up those photos on the cloud so you always have those memories 

7. Walli App

Wallpaper app wally provides tons of free wallpapers that you can't find anywhere else this is not typical backgrounds app with the same usual photostat on the internet instead it's a collection of high-quality walls from an exclusive community of very talented artist the one phone is called beta CMYK you can set it download 

8. Parallel windows for nougat

Andrew get so yeah if you happen to use a split window mode in and renew get then you should try out pressed windows as it lets you run two copies of the same app in split-screen normally one aperture panel but this app includes a mirror options a mirror option to get rid of that limitation to take it one step further and also provides a floating mini apt door and an on-screen shortcut

9. Opera VPN

Free VPN bio parts that blocks and tracker and lets you change your virtual location to access web content that may be blocked in your home country it's easily one the fastest and most reliable VPN services for your smartphones with  an extra option to determine your wi-fi security level to see if there are any potential threats on your network it may not be the most secure VPN as it's completely free but it's a great ease of use for anyone who wants and unlimited VPN 

10. Inquire

screen sharing app made by coach that allows you to share your screen with another device letting you help someone with a problem or issues they may have on their phone while being miles away from all you need to do is give or type in as access code from either user and from there you can access someone else's home screen you may not able to control their phone but you can guide the end-user by drawing on the screen and talking to them through a voice chat feature so if your parents are grandma calls you about a phone problem 
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New Nokia EDGE 2017 Smartphone Introduced Review

new nokia edge 2017 smartphone introduced review data
Nokia EDGE

Nokia EDGE

New Nokia Edge 2017 specifications price and launching dates in India Nokia has introduced its first-ever android smartphone Nokia edge very soon here we are going to cover complete details about this upcoming smartphone including Nokia edge smartphone official specification no quieter price Nokia at launching gates in India and other relevant things Nokia was once the king of basic smartphones in India time changed and android took over the India market completely companies like Micromax Kardon lava giant etc exploited.

The offer and push Nokia completely behind the race but now Nokia is going to make grand come back with Nokia edge 2017 smartphone it is going to be the first android smartphone from our very favorite company Nokia although Nokia hasn't confirmed anything about the name of upcoming Nokia android  smartphone but for now let me call at Nokia edge only-only as for the reports edge smartphone from Nokia is going to house very high-end features that will directly put it in head-to-head competition with smartphone clients like apple Samsung sony LG google pixel etc believe us  Nokia fans were waiting for this moment since years now.

They were waiting for the time when Nokia will come up with first-ever android smartphone that can provide them the trust of Nokia and super amazing features and freedom of android os no ph 2017 is not going to be alone in the race Nokia is going to cover all segments entry-level medium and high end in coming months edge 2017 is reserved for high-priced bracketed customers two other smartphones Nokia d1c are also announced to compete at entry in  medium level smartphone market these smartphones are all set to push Nokia high-end ranking charts very soon Nokia is launching  many feature phones also in the last couple of weeks we have seen three four basic feature smartphone, for now, it appears Nokia do not want to leave any stone unturned in any of price segment.

They  are known for budget features smartphone and they are not going to leave crowned any soon process of launching smartphones is going to take speed map as for reports company is going to unveil first android smartphone real soon it will be either Nokia d1c for Nokia di they win not start with a giant the first as they will be restoring this beast for the future launches with lots being said here it will really be interesting to see how audience will react new android smartphone from Nokia will they accept the old king once again or they will simply keep continuing with the existing brands like Samsung biome etc stay in tune Nokia edge 2017 official technical features and specifications screen 5.5 inches 2k resolution 441ppi screen os latest android os android 7.0 nugget processor octa-core processor.

There gigabyte ram camera 23 mp carl Zeiss lens rear and 8mp front facing cameras internal memory 32 gigabytes with expandability option battery 3600  battery  connectivity 4g smartphone do Wilson Bluetooth GPS all basic and advanced connectivity federals sensors proximity fingerprint scanner accelerometer gyro etc price ours 40 60 launch data 2017 made to a pro let we discuss the specifications in details now screen with 5.5 inch screen having 441 packed pixels at high 2k resolution is something that an ok lover can only dream about till now we have screen Nokia smartphones with very  basic screen specifications only be at their windows smartphone or basic  once for the first time Nokia is going to introduce such high-end screen.

Their smartphone memory it is going to come with 3 gigabytes  ram and 32 gigabytes internal memory cabinets 3 gigabytes of ram seem to be perfect with an octa-core CPU is expected produce very high-end results for all kinds of tasks you can expand internal storage  of rope edge with help of standard micro sd card max limit is yet to be disclosed camera front it is going to stand in you with professional DSLR with 23 mp carl Zeiss lens it is going to provide mind-blowing image-capturing experience it might come with the 8 pm front facing camera that will also be second to none in their respective category autofocus geo-tagging etc features.

There to take the camera experience to complete next level battery it is going to run on strong 3600mah battery that must keep it charged for 12 days completely with full use processor and operating system no fun edge comes with a one processor that is coupled with their gigabytes ram and modern GPUs system this configuration is strong enough to play all high-end games and apps on 5.5 inch screen it will be deployed with latest android os most probably android 7.0 new google.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blink Home Security System Device Review

Blink Home security system camera 

blink home security system device review

The blink wireless home security and video monitoring system is a completely wireless solution cameras around your house you buy as a kit for 199 dollars you get the base station and the camera you can add more cameras individually they're sixty dollars apiece the system can handle up to 10 cameras on each base station they run on two double-a lithium batteries that will last for up to a year of use so set up with one of the cameras on top of monitor at work monitor at work and one of the cameras on top of file cabinet anytime somebody walks by it does record a clip and take with the blink system because of the battery power it constantly record video it only records video when it detects motion and it only records clips from one second up to 10 seconds which is user-definable the app that video is stored.

The cloud it blinks server but if you decide you need to hang on to one you can certainly in the app decide to email it to yourself or to anybody else the cameras also allow for live view so we call up the app on your phone you can pick the individual cameras and see the moment but can actually record just speaking had the entire system up and running within 10 minutes and recording and it varied easily to do lot of promise  to that in fact  on the website link shows a lot of the coming soon features the blink realize buy it before you put it records clips and back-to-back there is a little reset between the clips you know this could be a system that grows with you and keep your house protected.  

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Most Popular Best Android Apps

most poplulars beat android apps
Android Apps

Best Android Apps

  • First, pick a fun that lets you send an empty or a blank text what's the difference traditionally what's just download the app free hit send choose your contact the only downside to this app is it has a shitload really fun app.
  •  Native clipboard you could say app as a clipboard manager of your phone how works is it keeps everything its memory and when the ability to edit underrated and useful this happens to be it a shot. 
  • Wally QHD wallpaper looking for amazing multiples and while he has the best collection of HD wallpapers you have got various categories the choose from and also featured tab you will find some of the best-curated warbles the app itself is very simple and has a very clean user interface you also have the option to choose between the dark on a light theme for the interface. 
  • Fluently and what it does it brings smart reply suggestions to any text messaging app so how it works is that once you get your text notification will get a smart reply button once you tap on that issue you a whole bunch of suggestions for you to reply and my usage the suggestions that it provides a pretty spot-on with less formal messages which are more accurate and seemed original so overall UNT.
  • The name of rocket VPN now essentially virtual private network application which you can definitely understand by its name application basically create a private server for your internet connection whether it's wifi or your mobile beta and you can connect it to a server from all around the world currently have set it as united states and basically what this allows you to keep your personal information while browsing the internet privately and see if and therefore no hawkers.
  • Film square what happens to the most is the clean design of the app everything is very well laid out its one-stop-shop for all your movie buffs out that you can discover new and popular firms read reviews and find out a plate for the details additionally you can also favorite movie if.
  • Pixel filter studies actually show that slow wi-fi and low battery app named pixel filter helps you save a ton of battery just any usual filter app this app actually the pixel present on your screen. 
  • Polarr photo editor and you open this app you can take a picture or important one from the photos and just add some basic rules for the image for some quick editing but want to take full advantage of the app you can dive be and just everything from color light details girls learning and so on there are a lot more editing options. 
  • Conscient now, in short, it's more condensed version of with similar actions how app works to create offense in you will select a trigger or context and also an action which will get triggered  created fence Spotify automatically plug in headphones create pretty offense for.
  • Delta is an icon pack application which is filled with material design android nougaty type of icon your customization game beautiful icon and wallpaper.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Technology Gadgets | Xvida | Spooly Cable | F.Lens | Beastgrip Pro | HUD Smart Mole Scanner |

new technology gadgets


Kickstarter since then our mounting system an ingenious X Vida boomerang stands out from the crowd mounting system helped thousands of customers use the mobile devices in places like cars, office, bicycles  and more but to achieve the ultimate freedom there was this one more challenge to solve we want you to worry about running out of power ever again interesting our existing magnetic locking mechanism provided a unique opportunity to solve the problem by combining it with custom-designed wireless  charging components we were able to channel the energy much more efficiently  than 48% faster X Vida standard wireless chargers that are how we developed a series of blazing fast charging mounts they're designed to blend perfectly with your daily activities from the moment you start your day all the while providing the ultimate freedom and convenience 20 min drive 20% more battery 100min 100% charger galaxy s7 edge compatible with android qi enabled phones power banks but you can so easily forget to charge it was definitely slower than water always searching for the sweet spot and something charging stopped. we knew our mission will be accomplished only if we were able to come up with the product that is much better than existing solutions so we test it for months just to select the best components than we designed our own circuit  boards optimized for speed and low heat dissipation the result is stunning in every aspect technical and aesthetic we've invested more than a year to design seven new products made for phones and her compatible smartphones they're great at home car or office and we're now at point where the tooling is all set and all that is missing for production to start is your pledge 

new technology gadgets
spooly cable


Frustrated by tangled cables that take up too much space and are expensive to replace introducing spooly cable.

The  cable for the rigors of modern-day life on the move no more frayed cables the design prevents damage and joy between the cables and connector reversible USB wires USB wires aligned side by side to prevent bending and fatigue the cable ben's along natural curve of the wires higher build quality for enhancing longevity allows reliable syncing and charging of  your iPhone i pad and iPod available in different sizes 25 centimeters and one meter connector doubles as a cable spooly rounded edges prevent damage to the internal wires when coiled the cable efficiently forms a coil  via the innovative mac system the end of the cable is securely fastened small enough to fit in your pocket or purse coils prevent knots and tangles when traveling available in a range of colors spooly cable. 

new technology gadgets


Boost your smartphone's flashlight when light is not enough to stick on f.lens for a 10x light boost your phone flashlight f.lens your phone 10mt boosted 10x with f.lens use f.lens for night & photography emergencies DIY repairs technical inspections outdoor & geocaching works on most devices premium materials aluminum & glass made in Italy  

new technology gadgets
Beastgrip Pro


The next generation of be stripped the world's first universal lens adapter and rigged system for all smartphones we redesigned all the major components to improve its functionality and manufacturing process the beast grip pros body it's will be manufactured with an injection molding process made from a durable glass filled nylon material combined .with custom machine parts and carefully assembled by hand in Chicago Illinois the be script pro is compatible with virtually any smartphone  our new class air optimised for holding both small and large devices and the redesigned lens mount is now adjustable on three axes for improved alignment even on phones with protruded cameras the b-school crop is completely modular it has a removable handle lens mount assembly allowing the user to modify their setup to their own personal preference if you're looking for a tripod mount comfortable grip paired with your favorite clip on mobile lens or a full-featured set up with tons of accessories then look no further the beast grip pro can do it all along with the beasts cry to we are launching our be stripped depth of field  of field adapter for SLR lenses plus wide angle and fish conversion lenses this grip pro the world's most versatile tool for camera phone photographers and videographers 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How To making Chocolate profiteroles

how to making chocolate profiteroles
chocolate profiteroles

Chocolate profiterroles

Heavy bottom sauce pan some follow add water cold cubed butter now out water has come to a simmer dry ingredients some flour, cocoa powder and sugar whisk add the pot then whisk it really fast not lumps need some vigorous whisking no lumps to take out our whisk get our wooden spoon to cook for around 2 to 3 minutes cooking out the batter and drying out the batter a little bit have made choux pastry before this is very traditional only difference some chocolate a little bit flavor is pulling away from the pan of balling are looking heat and set it aside to cool down so once your mix has cooled go ahead and add in out beat and eggs hot mix once our eggs are wooden spoon to mix our choux pastry to have a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle with parchment paper choux pastry to stick down out parchment paper on each corner holds down the parchment paper, 

Start piping your profiteroles point your nozzle straight down put some pressure on your piping bag get the size you want to get the little bowl of water little peeks of the profiteroles tap down bake your profiteroles at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees celsius for roughly 20 to 25 minutes so choux pastry bit finicky turn off our chocolate profiteroles look fantastic golden brown puffy create a whole to pipe cream the profiteroles pipe cream of plump and then stop to decorate the top with some white chocolate take a pipping bag of melted white chocolate of rippled icing the chocolate  some buttercream frosting colored  green used roles icing use berries over chocolate profiteroles,
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Monday, December 26, 2016

Samsung galaxy J7 Full Review and Tricks

samsung galaxy j7 full review and tricks
Samsung galaxy j7 2016 edition and today  we will be seeing 30-plus basic to advanced tricks important points the shortcut to camera application you can double tap on home button and as you can see it lost the camera application and it's the home screen but also it works from applications and also from the browser, for example, think you are in place for or any other party application you can quickly tap or press the home button and as you can see it launches the camera application so which is a very good thing and it comes in pretty handy no a 5 15inch devices so it's pretty big to handle device in single and so we do have support for single-handed more on this device to press the home button triceps quickly as you can see the screen shrunk to the size of go from here you can access the notification tree back, 

samsung galaxy j7 full review and tricks
Button multitasking button and the home button works perfectly fine and you can also shift it towards the left left handed or you can shift towards the right for right handed and that pretty handy you can return to full screen from here or you can triple press them a home button again as you can see so this is pretty handy and next up for to transfer any application from one home screen brother home screen after press and hold and the transfer but that if you have to transform multiple applications so it will definitely be time consuming and convenient for that Samsung in marshmallow that sixth or not one they have included a new feature for that you have to present hold on the application and  you can move towards that right top corner and it. 

Says that more absent so drop this application on that icon and as you see a tree appears so now you can transform any applications for that laughs we'll select which applications you want to move for example of all cups to move camera to move settings application as you can see we can move to the home screen these applications to be and then tap on these applications and they will be arranged from the left top corner towards the right so it's pretty easy and it's pretty convenient as 10 single- handed more and the quick launch for camera applications can be enabled or disabled from advanced feature under settings as you can see you can disable or enable and you have one-handed operation you can disable or enable this one so now singles fight but gives you this notification tray and some quick toggles as you can see the movie you can move between these dollars and if you want to the full list of quick to toggles then you can swipe again and you can also edit these things such as you can everyone more  in these top 10 then can drag and drop it here and similar flashlight drag and drop to go to quick toggles you can use grouping addition now quickly show you how to capture the screenshot for to press the power button and the home button at the same time so it quickly capture the screenshot and be accessed from the replication create or from the gallery so from the lock screen and silver you can launch the dialogue of the camera application and that this is not just limited to these two applications but at the same time you can launch other applications as to lock screen and security apps shortcuts app shortcuts as you can see the left chocolate is fro from the right shortcut is for camera can customize to open the camera open the count calculator the calculator and the camera this pattern.
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