Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Apple I phone 8 Beautifull Look

I Phone 8

New I phone 8  

The  i phone in 2007 everyone is looking forward to its next release celebrating 10 years its anniversary thought and rumors about iPhone 8 have been circulating from while now actually since the seven and seven plus were announced and we have heard some pretty wild claims so far the numerous at the iPhone 8 will come with an iris scanner a feature that debuted in the mobile world with the galaxy note 7 if apple does decide to add this I scanning tech to its upcoming flagship you  can safely 

The company will do whatever can to make it noticeably faster and more secure than the implementations we have seen so far the company that make up the iPhone's supply chain will allegedly start delivering parts and components for the next-gen devices by the end first quarter earlier than in the past that said the new handsets may still announce in September as usual so what do you think about apple adopting the iris scanner  
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date, Price Review

samsung galaxy tab s3

New Samsung galaxy tab s3  

Samsung will make another flagship tablet update the Samsung TVs invitation to the press conference mwc 2017 which shows a device with a high probability galaxy tab S3 which indicates the probability of the release of the event android tablet may seem to someone endangered species but recent rumors suggest that financing is not ready to give them up yet Samsung is going to roll out the latest update of 2015 flagship galaxy tab S2 you get it galaxy tab S3 we appreciated the Samsung galaxy tab S2 in our review which came with the light away in design the display format of 43 and improvement it the touch with it highlights the battery life of the new tablet but galaxy tab S2 still holds your respectable position in our ranking of the best tablets in 2016 so if Samsung is able to offer an impressive update to  new tablet galaxy tab S3 are ready to press.

The iPad pro from the first place in pursuit what is it lasts flagship android tablet from Samsung when to expect most likely at the mwc 2017 how much will it cost expect a price tag of four hundred dollars release the Samsung galaxy tab the s3 Samsung has officially  announced hid press conference at mobile world congress 2017 exhibition and invitation which apparently teases new tablet if the information will be accurate we will see a new tablet on February 26 this year this release date on the market the Samsung took about three months to start selling galaxy tab S2 after he was introduced to the public in July 2015 s0 we do not expect that the yield of galaxy tab S3 will be held in the near future manufacturer and did not utter a word about leaving.

The tabs 2016 and 2017 so the next logical event the MWC 2017 the u.s both certification a;most complete readiness for the launch of the tablet the Samsung galaxy tab ps3 specifications and rumors apparently we do not know a lot about the characteristics of the coming Samsung galaxy tab S3 the latest rumors come neighbor news and believe that the new tablets will show the nine dots six-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels that is save the resolution and slightly lower diagonal from the original name dot name dot 7-inch that a BF to the galaxy the same source says that we will see snapdragon chipset 824 gigabytes of ram 12 megapixel camera wi-fi model.

The LTE all android 7.0 new get into housing point six millimeters thick let your waist tablet does not confuse dimensions preserved from the previous galaxy tab S2 which is suggestive of a similar design with metal frame and plastic back panel although we cannot be sure because the only documentation is a sketch with the FCC early leaks china do not get into the new findings claiming that the galaxy tab S3 will get 4 gigabytes of ram a fingerprint scanner USB type-c rapid charging and exodus chipset ships that seriously departs.

The latest rumors and while it is likely that Samsung will use different chipsets for different markets as it was with the galaxy s7 Exynos 7420 is not equivalent snapdragon 820 as it the flagship 2016 while the Exynos 7420 2015 and only controversial leaked the earliest rumors suggest that the new tablet will both the Qualcomm snapdragon 650 to with three gigabytes of ram 4000mah battery 32 gigabytes of internal memory another hearing on the new tablet has suggested that the new galaxy tab S3 will come with 8 megapixel camera and 2-megapixel front for your selfie while we doubt that the new flagship tablets and something that will have a mid-range performance multi-core leak test showed result in 4275 points which are lower than galaxy S7 but still impressive

The tablet also has received official certification Bluetooth which allows you to guarantee the availability of wireless technology on board and while rumors have mention only one size most likely to have that three comes in an 8-inch tablet model as was with the galaxy diabetes to Samsung galaxy tab S3 price Samsung galaxy tab S3 is reduced to a variety of factors Samsung galaxy tab S2 came with a price tag of 399 dollars 26,000 p a basic model of the lower 8-inch tablet the cost of the nine dots 7 inch model has jumped to 499 dollars 32,500 p we expect similar pricing this year a few differences in probable the tablet will be more expensive especially if your choice will fall on increased
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date And Price Review

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 although we probably won't hearing about the galaxy S8 until late march after the mobile world congress show next month you should still expect it to go on sale in mid-April which is too far off from the normal release cycle  carriers will first get locked versions and then unlocked version  as for prices rumors are suggesting as low as 650$.

The base model and as high as eight hundred and fifty dollars to accommodate for more expensive components the S8 will come in 5.7 and 6.2 inch models and the AMOLED screens will have narrower aspect ratio the non-removable batteries will be 3000mah and 3500mah there will 8 be 4 GB or six GB of ram 64GB of storage and micro sd card support in us the processor will be a Qualcomm snapdragon 835 everywhere else it will be Samsung he knows 8895.

The front camera will be 8 megapixels the rear will be 12 megapixels and both will be pretty similar to previous models there could be both a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner for added security the phone continues the trend of water resistance being a standard feature there  might be no home button but there will be a USBC port and a headphone jack previous flagship Samsung came in standard versions and premium edge version with  curved displays however.

The only version of the S8 will be the current version with a nearly bezel-free edge to edge screen it will be compatible with new gear VR and Gear 360 accessories for consuming and creating even more accessible virtual reality content taking a con from some windows phones you can use the s8 as a desktop computer powered by android finally the S8 will have a new Samsung voice assistant currently known as big speed.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Portable Power Bank Fastest Charge

Portable Power bank
Portable Power Bank External Battery charging truck 10 times faster counterparts the British company introduced the eponymous nitric laptop battery capacity of 5,000 Emma employees say that their product in comparison with similar devices from other manufacturers charging ten times faster seven minutes of charging night rich enough to fully charge the battery of the smartphone but if the user needs to fill in the charge to smartphone while the accessory charge will be about 15 minutes week the project portable charger was placed for a cross and avid platform IndieGoGo the developers note compact size and lightweight 101 comma 6 x 76 comma 2 by 11 9 millimeter 196 grams of the device can be used o n the go input voltage of the external battery is 1220 v novelty cost is $59 when you make a pre-order it is expected that the first deliveries 

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Friday, February 3, 2017

New Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Revied

Samsung Galaxy C7 pro

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

The new smartphone the new smartphone 7 pros is designed for fans to selfie the new smartphone Samsung galaxy C7 pro appeared on the official website of the chines representative office it was expected that he will be presented with the galaxy c5 pro a low-end is no information as for the new galaxy 7 pro outwardly is complete copy of the issue last fall the galaxy the sea mind the pro decreased only display diagnose from six to five point seven inches of the centre one of the features of the galaxy 7 pro has become a 16 megapixel front camera with a lens with an aperture value of 1 comma 9 which will certainly please fans selfie.

The main cAmera on your smartphone has the same characteristics so that the pictures should be only high quality from both modules other technical specs into the Qualcomm snapdragon processor 600 series 4 gigabytes around built in storage to 64 GB support for mike ross memory card capacity up to 256 GB the battery capacity of 3300 mAh battery android 6.0 marshmallow connector and USB type- c in the sale of Samsung galaxy 7 pro will arrive next week the smartphone has not yet announced the price.

The classified Samsung galaxy 7 pro smartphone sam sung has released a complete description of the smartphone on its chines website Samsung galaxy the c7 the pro making SMC 7010 recall the official announcement of-of the new model series seaport smartphones galaxy c5 pro and c7 pro in addition to the already sells galaxy c9 pro- Thaksin is expected to the start of sales on the twenty-first of January's Samsung galaxy seven bro is equipped with a super AMOLED display with a resolution full HD pixels the diagonal of 5.7 choose as well as 16 megapixel main front cameras the hardware bases was the Qualcomm snapdragon 626 2.2 gigahertz processor and abd'Arnaud 506 grap[hisc 4gb of ram and 4 gigabytes of internal flash memory expandable mike cross memory card up to 256gb fingerprint scanner is placed in the home button.

The battery is a capacity of 3300 min quick charge it support two sim cards v4g volts wifi 802 points 11 acres blue 4.2 gods NFC works is performance  under the control of android six dot 0 dot one ma er allow operating system the dimensions of 156 5x77  commas  come out to x7 millimeters and weight 172 grant Samsung galaxy seven grow is presented in golden pink blue colours of the price of 405 US dollars admissions pre-orders will open soon Samsung galaxy c7 features smartphone appeared on the web a few days ago on.

The internet there was a rumor like smartphone Samsung galaxy c5 grow and c7 pro will be officially announced in December is not as previously expected in January as-is this information is true it difficult to see right now and even more difficult to enumerate all the characteristics of the upcoming new products with complete confidence in their accuracy because they'remanufacturer has not yet unloved however the specification that one of them c7 pro still appeared on the web sources reliable enough Chinese California telecommunication equipment at the very least that is reference published underwritten information resources/leaks according to the data sources,

The basis performance characters of Samsung galaxy 7 pro as follow 5.7 inch super load display with 1920 1080 pixels it's not Qualcomm snapdragon 625 2.2 get hurt GPU Adreno 500 four gigabytes around 32 or 64 gigabytes built in flash drive 16 megapixel camera 16 megapixel front camera the battery capacity of 3300 month the operating system and ordered six dot 0dot one marshmallow dimensions of 156con 577 comma 27 comma 0 millimeters weight 170 grams leaks.

The cost of the upcoming new items have been reported so far but all indicators c7 growing middle classes in many ways what kind of pricing will choose Samsung in relation to the model will defend its success in the market it middle price segment is the strongest competition from Chinese brands

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Moto G5 And Moto G5 Plus different Review

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 And Moto g5 Plus 2017

Moto G5 And Moto G5 Plus renderers covers manufacturer all the same rolling quant published three rendering moto g5 plus the future of the smartphone which belong to one of the mobile accessories manufacturer smartphones alternately dress in protective glass transparent cover and flip case but you can see from all sides design smartphone is already familiar to us but because we only had once again confirmed the already familiar to hospital tales hot button has become overly much better fit in the g5 plus design rather than square decision moto Guzzi module main camera slightly protrude from the body, however, compensate for this lack of cases and make the rear panel is completely flat moto g5 plus should be presented very soon inside will be installed snapdragon processor 625 four gigabytes of ram drive 32gd storage 7.0 now get full HD screen two slots some cards the 12 megapixels main camera with dual tone fingerprint screen. 

The LTE modules wi-fi 801 points one of the GN to come before five gigahertz Bluetooth 4.1 GPS and the battery 3100mah the smartphone motoG5 plus the presentation of which is expected next month at MVC 2017 earlier there were renderings device and it became known that he will get full HD display snapdragon 625 processors 4 gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal memory 12 megapixel main camera with dual flash two slots fro some cards with support for let a fingerprint river the battery capacity of 3100 mar with fast charging and android 7.0 now get now it has been confirmed the existence and normal version of moto g5 the device has passed the certification b the federal communications commission  unfortunately from the fcc about the smartphone documentation can be found not so much as we would like moto g5 get a battery with 3,000 modern supports fast -charging with 24.4 output at 91 6a modes 12 p-12 a and 53 160 in addition if you do not take into account the regional version of the moto G 4 play. 

The moto g5 line will be the first smartphone with NFC G module of the remaining characteristics in moto g 5 expected 5.5 inch full HD display built-in storage of 16 gigabytes 13-megapixel mains and 5 megapixel front camera smartphone can bee present on February 26 with the plus version on colin's rolling quannet editor of the well-known regular resource leaks when future through his twitter account shares readers of preparing to release smartphone moto g 5 and moto g5 reputation plus is the motto the source has become one manufacturer of covers apparently the image based on preliminary renderers by Lenovo moto smartphone are shown in a metal case with a fingerprint scanner around the home button and with a design familiar.

The latest models of motor according to preliminary data moto g5 plus is equipped with a 5.5 inch display with a resolution of full Hd 1920x1080 pixels a fingerprint scanner or 13 megapixels main camera and  a 5 megapixel front camera hardware basis was the eight core Qualcomm snapdragon processor 625 four gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of internal flow nice memory the battery is a capacity of 3080  much work is performed under the control of android 7.0 now get operating system with moto g5 and moto g5 plus is expected o February 26 to the mac 2017. 

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Friday, January 27, 2017

New Google Chromebook Best Android 2017

Google Chromebook
Google Chromebook

New Google Chromebook 

New google Chromebook 2017 support for all android application support for all android support for android applications will appear in all 2017 model-year Chromebook last year google announced its plans to introduce in the chrome os support google play store and applications for the android platform some owners Chromebook even able to try out a new opportunity to practice however the rate of implementation support for android applications is quite low currently this feature is available only to owners of several Chromebook models but this year google plans to add support for android application to all computers in 2017 and release a number of previously released modules. 

The latter includes several dozen Chromebook from different manufacturers Acer hp Lenovo's deal to Toshiba and other companies a full list of devices available on the official website  of the chromium project all Chromebook in 2007 will support the android application the first stable build chrome os operating system from google play store appeared as early as September 2016 but compatible with all android apps Chromebook still represented only three models davies Chromebooks lit Acer Chromebook  are 11 and google chrome book pixel 2015 however in 2017 the situation should change dramatically google has promised that all entering the market new models will support android applications are already out of the box this also applies to those devices that were announced during the exhibition  held in January show electronics has the consumer.

The Samsung plus is a Chromebook and the prothrombin look the HR Chromebook 11 and 7andthe atheist flipside 302 cock Chromebook in addition  in the near future to establish a program from google play will turn in the previously released Chromebook however n]ot all but only those which are mentioned in the littlest they will get the opportunity I the form of an update of the software platform those who are going to buy a chrome to buy a Chromebook is not among the novelties of 2,000 17 but it wants to use on me from google play android application we recommend that consult with the list at the same time the absence of any pattern and it does not mean that it grew os will no longer be updated and receive new feature according to the official website of the chromium projects google wants to move to chrome OS software designed for android for more than two years originally it was planned that. 

The developers themselves will port its software on growing OS but on the proposal responded to only a small number of authors software as a result in my have 2016 google announced a new project is the ability to run android that's on chrome os a special sandbox all new devices on the ground no will be supported android all devices on the 2017 release of chrome 0s will have the opportunity to work the application for android from google play market this information appeared on the official website of the corporation the official website of the corporation google support for android to chrome Os was announced in the spring of 2015 but it appeared only a year later from book devices receive it gradually. 

The support is still there around two modules on the google wedsite published a list of Chromebook models that are compatible with applications for android they-they are free installed google play market where hundreds of thousands of app and games available it's such a store there and groom book is listed then it well appear in the market after updating the firmware to the latest version update Chromebook model-year 2017 to gain access to the google play market is not necessary it is initially pre-installed.

The best Chromebook after testing most of the Chromebooks released in the past three years we're-found the dell Chromebook 13 is the best Chromebook for most people it meets all of our requirements for a great Chromebook and even exceeds many of them its processor is fast enough for moderate to heavy workloads it's 11 hour battery life is unmatched and it has one of the best keyboards we've used on a Chromebook it's a bit heavier and more expensive than we like but the fantastic battery life and keyboard make it worth every penny we recommend.

The base configuration with 13-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display an intel Celeron 3250 new processors 4 gigabytes of ram and a 16-gigabyte solid-state drive right now is transitional time for a Chromebook support for android apps will arrive on many Chromebooks and late 2016 or early 2017 vile software updates from google which means that touch screens and sensors currently uncommon in chrome books like GPS NFC about become much more important if those features are important to you may want to wait for a few months before buying if you just need a laptop right now and don't care about android apps.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Google Gmail Tips And Tricks

Gmail Tips And Tricks
Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail Tips And Tricks

Gmail the most used email service on the planet simply appealing interface features and some amazing extensions that really improved functionality

The Gmail interface preview pane is a much-loved featured in outlook but not many people know that the feature is available in Gmail as well if you paint brings an additional pain to your inbox so that you can view the remains tight in the inbox enable preview pane head to Gmail settings by hitting the setting called on the top right and clicking on settings here go to the labs tab and scroll down below to find a search for the preview pane option just select enable and click on save changes than Gmail will reload and you will find a new icon next to the settings section you can click on the drop-down menu button to choose from vertical split or horizontal split recommend you to use the word because great option because that lets you see all.

The emails normally see but also let you check all your demons is certain handy because usually when you want to shuffle through multiple emails in Gmail you have to open an email go back and then open the next one well that changes with pooping  the ability to start emails in Gmail but chances are you do not know the fact that there are most other than just the yellow stop yeah that right in a more starts in Gmail you can head to Gmail setting in the general tab scroll down and find the stars section then you can just drag-and-drop different stars the in-use section to enable.

Them when you''re done just hit the save changes button at the save changes button at the bottom now you can click on the star next to an email multiple times to get the different stars you can use different colored stars to emails as important agent or something you're done with for instance you can use the rest are for urgent emails yellow stars for important emails and green stars for emails are done with but want them in the start section there are time when you'retyping and emails and you accidentally hit the send button well that why in for informal males is is Fad if it happens when you're sending an important for me thankfully Gmail includes a very cool understand feature which was might have guessed that your rewards sent messages to enable undo send head to Gmail setting and in the general tab finally understand option and enable it here you can also set.

The time period for cancellation you can set it to 5 10 20 or 30 seconds once done save the changes and send a test team in alongside the sending message alert on top you will find an undo button which you can click on to stop the massage  the understand feature is also available in the is Gmail app however you don't need to enable it or set anything up when you send an email from the email app on iPhone or iPad you see under option at the bottom on the another hand the Gmail app for android surprisingly still does not feature the only option in general setting where you can set up emails aliases to sign up for different services and websites.

There's an even simpler way to clear disposable emails addresses and make sure even from signups to line up in your primary inbox when it;s easy if your email ideas example@gmail.com you can just use example plus anything@ gmail.com as your disposable email address actually Gmail does not consider any texts after plus anything@gmail.com it will land up an example mail.comes just sign up for services using an email with a plus sign and then you can set up a filter that make sure emails the disposable address get outside all you need to do is hit the drop-down button.

The Gmail search bar in the advanced search page type in example was something@gmail.com in the to section and then click on create filter with this search option in the next page you can choose the option to skip the inbox archive it or deleted then click on create filter that is it now whenever you receive an email on the disposable emulators it will be automatically deleted archived if you happen to you email to exchange a lot of sensitive messages and data you should make the chrome web store once done just open up Gmail or refresher if it is already open then you will see a lock icon next to the compose button just click on it to start  hit the send encrypted button you will be prompted to enter the encryption password and the password the email once done the email will be sent and the recipient will have to enter the password to open the email Gmail packs in some really great search capabilities which is certainly not a surprise considering.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

WhatsApp Help Tips And Tricks WhatsApp Review

WhatsApp Tips And Tricks
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp a lot and it's no surprise considering its the most used messaging app on the planet well you might be an average watch abuser chances are you're not aware of all cool tips and tricks are hidden inside water WhatsApp recently introduced the new phone that you can use in text messages all you need to do is add three grave accent characters

1. Change Font 

 the sentence or word iPhone owners can find a grave accent character press holding an apostrophe when the android keyboard Features on the second page of symbols are the situation on windows and mac boys you will find a carrot just below the escape.

2. Multiple WhatApp Accounts

Android device you can do this on android using the palace space app we have already covered how you can use to snap chat account on device and you can use the same way to use to WhatsApp supplements so make sure to check out the video you can even use multiple works separate ones on your PC mac all Chromebook using the all-in-one messenger chrome app along with multiple WhatsApp accounts the chrome app also lets you use radius different massagers I n a single windows pretty cool right sadly there's no way to use multiple works app accounts on a iPhone  

3. Avoid Sending Read Receipts 

iPhone uses the reduce its feature is a boon for some why not so much for others the good news is you can message on iPhone using 3D touch to peak into the massage and the dudes will  not be the same pose so he will as you might have guessed feature is only available for phones that have 3d touch enabled another. 

The ability to add a previous text in your play  they should be especially handy in group checks considering it can get a little confusing at times as to who someone is referring to in a group jack to us it referring to in a group jack to use it you can just press hold on the message you want to quote and hit the replay button then type in your reply and simply ended after which you should see the cortex with you replied.

5. Hide  notification previews

The next week about annoying notification previews well this previous WhatsApp on the notification center and lock screen can be very annoying due to the simplest fact that anyone who is  using your phone and easily get a glimpse of private messages on phone you can easily start notification reviewed by going to that app setting then going to notifications and simply turning off show preview at the end of the page on the other hand what does not include the ability to hide previews o n android bot you can use the offices built-in notification manager who had workshops notification to do you can android settings go to apps and scroll down below to find water in the WhatsApp into page go to notification and select block keep in mind though that will desert in notifications from WhatsApp on your android smartphone. 

6. Share with Multiple People 

Moving o n ion WhatsApp current iteration when you try and share something the messenger from an external source you can only send it to a single contact all group really talks about to change as the new words have betta lets you share media or any other content to multiple groups all contacts on WhatsApp. 

7. know your Beat Friend 

iPhone only trick is the ability to check who you talk to most just here the world WhatsApp settings go to account then tap on storage use and you will see contact with whom you share the most messages and media well now you know where your best friends.

8. formatted Text 

Hidden features but it is something many people still don't normal and that is the ability to format text in what app you can simply bowl a sentence or word by adding a start at the start, in the end, underscore fruit Alex and billy was like through.

9. Check Delivery & Read Reports 
iPhone all you need to do is left side on a message on android you can press hold on the message and then tap on the information once done you will see who has a radio message along with details on when exactly. 

10. Unblock Yourself in Whatsapp

Unblocking yourself from someone's account we don't really recommend but if you really need to contact someone who has blocked you the only way first head over to WhatsApp setting go to account then select the live accounts here into your mobile number and tap handle ground once your account is deleted and uninstall WhatsApp from your device once done we start your android smartphone audio phone when your device restarts install WhatsApp again from the app store or google play store again interview details and start using your check on WhatsApp confident be and block fro all account a blog you, however, keep in mind that all your data will be lost including your messages media group charts or anything else.
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

New iPhone 8 Smartphone

new Iphone 8 smartphone
I phone 8

iPhone 8 the next smartphone 

The 11processor-scanners Irish and frameless displaying the gadget will be a revolutionary device with many new features and redesigned in 2017 the line flagship iPhone smartphones will 10 years and it seems that apple is planning to celebrate anniversary before running EPL iPhone 8 left more than a year but after american companies ambitious plans for the device already has a lot of rumors about the functions and features of your smartphone it many also be transition the use OLED technology and its real apple may show more subtle iPhone 8 which consumes significantly less power and offers a higher quality display with high contrast ratio eight iPhone released apple iPhone 8 is at an early stage of development  and its release will take place and not in 2017 a few months before. 

The iPhone 8 release date we learn about its technical characteristics and changes in design this year we expect to see the iPhone 7 with more modest changes in appearance therefore if apple will not abandon the traditions of their own the phone age will be available in September 2017 according to earlier assumptions the next year will be released fun date with a completely new design and the frameless display the company may even give up a physical home button in favor of a capacitive and the fingerprint scanners built into the screen iPhone features eight inside the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a processor athlete 11 performed on the 10 million meter process technology this will improve not only the performance.

The smartphone but its autonomy, in addition, the manufacturer equipment device wireless charging long range and biometric components of the scanner of the iris components of the scanner of theirs and face display super AMOLED five dot 5 inch quad HD resolution 3d touch glass corning gorilla glass six processor apple 11 and from the M11 processor 10 nanometer process technology memory three gigabytes of ram four gigabytes plus 64/128 256 of a gigabyte constant camera 16 megapixel main and eight megapixel front optical image stabilization aperture F 1.8 os ios 11 battery 2350 Emily paul 3550 and plus. 

Wireless charging design he's playing analyst suggested the upcoming apple iPhone will be equipped with old screen TV as apple has signed a deal with at least one manufacturer Samsung for the production of panels for the new smartphone  the debut of which is scheduled for 2017 that's how quickly the company can customize the screen of production defense when the I phone 8 will be released OLED displays do not require additional lighting which is used in the traditional iPhone LCD panels that will make mobile gadgets Cupertino office thinner and lighter screen formed by this technology may also be flexible which contributes to an apparatus with a curved display from san also offer.

The best contrast ratio excellent viewing angles and more efficient power consumption of course technology has drawbacks the life of for example is not as high as that of LCD screens on the question regarding rumors diagonal screen divided into two fronts some suggest that Samsung will supply five dot 5-inch panels while others claim that one of the module fun dates will be equipped with five dock 8 inch display with improved characteristics CPU the company TSMC which is the main supplier of chipsets for apple is finalizing its own 10 manometer solutions these processors have become part of the iPhone 8 and their delivery is expected to begin in early 2017.

The new chipset built on 10 manometers process technology will be able to both the best energy efficiency and perform camera about EPL iPhone camera 8 we also almost unknown but if this year apple introduced the iPhone 7 plus with you lent it is possible that we will see in the next successor the future flagship model is likely to receive a 16-megapixel center with optical image stabilization and aperture f 1.8 it is possible that the characteristics of the camera will remain at the same level wireless charger according to rumours apple is preparing a long-range wireless charging technology which it will present in 2017.

The iPhone 8 wireless charging long-range superior to any other existing method of wireless charging because it operates at a relative distance from the source this technique, of course, has disadvantages the biggest loss is the efficiency of energy transfer the farther the source that is the charge the lower charge rate lower charge rate over the past few months apple has hired a team of engineers specialized in charge of such technologies which confirms the aforementioned words nomination following the standard naming convention with the increase in number year after year to mark the external changes and the prefix that only to refer to hardware upgrade the next flagship smartphone line 7sk the iPhone name given apple plans for drastic changes in the iPhone in 2017. 

The design does not seem that it will have the pre-success in the title consequently there is a likelihood that the company will miss the whole cycle and introduce next year's 8i phone iPhone 8 is tentative name for the device and it seems the most logical choice for a major renovation there is always a chance that apple will call it as something different or even at all refuse from the present scheme of naming their own smartphone other features according to the well-known in was being chief who apple is planning equip iPhone 8iris scanner, of course, will improve the security of user data it is expected that the iPhone 8 will get ultra-fast NAND flash memory from Samsung. 

The new generation of tablets available and diversion with 256 gigabytes of internal memory so many people believe that that the company will sell similar versions of smartphones price iPhone 8 the cost of the future flagship phone it will not change it compared to its predecessors a year before the release of the device is difficult to say exact number or the number of built-in memory option but we will try to predict the price of the basic model iPhone 8 Russia should be around 55,000 drew both in 2017 apple may refuse two models with 16 gigabytes of memory so how today this amount is too small.
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Android Games This Year Action games

new android games this year action games
New android games

1. Geometry dash world

Brand-new adventure new levels new music new monsters knew everything passes on timing and you'll need to make sure that you're getting the right all the time select your click finger as you jump flying flip your way through dark caves and spike obstacles discovered last play online levels and find the secrets hidden within world of guaranteed cash be able to dance the world  is game of split-second reactions but there are some skills that you can learn to make sure you're not going to fail too much

2. Rollercoaster tycoon classic

The new rest experience combine the best features from rollercoaster tycoon and roller coaster tycoon to create and run amazing parts complete with the most outrageous rights imaginable create and run amazing compete with the most outrageous right imaginable create incredible rollercoaster quickly build a premade decide or use ingenuity of peace by building tools to design a theme on you own unique writer builder unlimited theme park in variety of challenging environment progress 295 classic spark scenarios experience classic style careful in symmetric graphics and original amusement park music and sound effects

3. Pixel mon shooting

Pixelmon shooting online goal is the epic action game filled with a magical battle in full 3d pixelated graphics it's a wonderful but rough the word where it's either kill or be killed fight against other players and collect pixel mon pace by opening eggs be able to build up into to pick the monster to create unique weapons defeat other players and collect trophies left after death eater hunter before your hunted used dozens of various guns and explore mysterious island and pick four months

4. Castle creeps

Castle clip TD is the latest our defense android games from us play entertainment LTD big amount of enemies and heroes fighting each other to defend the castle in the latest cd game tense ready to face countless challenging battles a taste hard-earned victory as you build upgrade and repair horde collecting towers recruiting level of mighty heroes to protect the kingdom in this top tower defense experience upgraded powers increase the shooting power and defense call legendary to help you get reward for each destroyed opponent game future 10 interesting characters for the exciting levels and bright graphics

5. Hot Wheels: Race off

The best free racing game today as you drive through the game you'll earn coins and you need to spend is to make your vehicles better erase 20-plus hot wheels cars across 44 insane physics racing fan class of bruisers loops and jumps to stand on the iconic what wheels orange track it's something to try and grab all the coins everyone going to get enough that you play


android game slightly fingers down to throw ball to break bricks a lot 35 balls including some unique ball simple ball super mini ball etc place to enjoy the nonstop first challenge your friends of the world with google play support and break hundred stage colorful Ul and sound effects and attractive character to make the game marvelous be careful the game steal your time

7. spider-man hero 

the final battle is this is the amazing adventure  game find the truth about your past and determine the fate of the whole galaxy find all hidden secrets of this story your parents were scientists in a secret laboratory all truth about the life and experience are hidden it will not be so easy to solve the mystery maybe there will be some criminal elements solve this case for analyzing all clothes the hero and save the world and mason missions unlimited power of superhero fighting for justice

8. Five Nights at Freddy's 

The game the players interact with the new cast of the animatronic characters essential to which is seemingly benevolent animatronic named circus baby game includes custom nights at full extra menu to guess which is all five nights the PC game

9. Need speed no limits or

Great game for plans of racing clutch headlock into extreme and dangerous world os street racing feel the ultimate thrill when added into the driver's seat explorer dynamic environment and launch yourself

10. The walking Dead 

young man determined to find a family taken from him you meet young girl who has experienced her own imaginable loss her name is clementine and you face have gone together in a story where every choice you make it could be your last paycheck with the surrounding objects and use fine objects from your inventory yo progress through the game in some situations you have limited time so hurry up or the hero future interest story favorite heroes.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Android games Review

android games review
Best Android Games

1. Fast like a fox 

Game is simple and fun to play all you do is collect certain items as you want to jump to level game adapts the freemium model and occasionally will play ads in between the levels overall I'd say there's a good game to play with all your commuting or what you're looking to waste time it's simple enough to where it will help you pass the time for a few minutes

2. Trumpy Well  

President trump had a campaign promise to build a well this game pokes fun at that concept and has made a very entertaining it's another simple game but that will prove a decent left challenge to make it very fun to play all you have to do is select the color in front of you before the following parts of the wall hit character is very nice and easy and it definitely helps pass

3. Charge 

Game is simple enough you hold down the little bar until the battery reaches a certain level and then you let it go it seems very one-dimensional but it's a good game to pass the time and it's actually quite challenging when it gets to certain parts, for example, it took me quite some time to get past the fifty percent marks I was honestly super-close

4. Square IT 

Game is a little different from the previous three it requires a bit more thought than the other games we have checked out this far this game consists of being able to fill the shape by moving it in one motion it start simple and continually gets more difficult as you progress through I would


Break over a minute without any of the missiles hitting me but the challenge only makes it more fun and makes me want to play it some more

6. Smash

Smash rocket is again a pretty simple game all you do is aim the different rockets at the different rocks surrounding the play senator and you destroy them to get to level there's different types of rocket some that will that spin some that go both ways and others just a min one direction and the surrounding objects sometimes change as well these things vary depending what on level the game yet overall it is a pretty neat game

7. Tiny Striker

Played soccer game is not very challenging however it's easy to just get in the rhythm and play this game for an extended amount of time without really noticing  is definitely not a game for people who are looking for huge challenges it's really more of an entertaining

8. Higher Lower 

all the games that we 've taken a look at this game is all about what you think google more so determined the number and then you get a topic and you have to guess whether it gets a higher amount of google searches or a lower about google searches and the object of the game is to get as many right answers in a row as possible personally I find this game quite interesting to see what people google and how much they google it and only that it is actually sometimes challenging that guess whether something gets cooled more than something else

9. Putthole 

Potthole is a very fun game in which you have to construct potholes that lead from the golf ball to the hole four points it's not very difficult but if you mess up a movie can get very challenging you definitely have to think several moves ahead in order to do well in this game and at the same spent a good 30 minutes on accident just trying to set a new high score

10. Spin 

the screen to go through the rounds the object of the games to get a high score as possible and all you really have to do is wait for the little gaps in the circles to line up and tap it at the right time to go through to the next level now this seems very easy but as you progress you will run into some challenges as they make the gap wider or thinner and also depends on the speed the circle you are on and the oncoming circle overall it is a very fun game but one negative thing about it is that sometimes full screen ads do pop up randomly and you will click on them just out of habit but definitely suggest you electronics from consoles to other electronics to a multitude of cell phones we 're currently rocking skins on all of our devices 
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