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Thursday, 29 December 2016


New Technology Gadgets | Xvida | Spooly Cable | F.Lens | Beastgrip Pro | HUD Smart Mole Scanner |

new technology gadgets


Kickstarter since then our mounting system an ingenious X Vida boomerang stands out from the crowd mounting system helped thousands of customers use the mobile devices in places like cars, office, bicycles  and more but to achieve the ultimate freedom there was this one more challenge to solve we want you to worry about running out of power ever again interesting our existing magnetic locking mechanism provided a unique opportunity to solve the problem by combining it with custom-designed wireless  charging components we were able to channel the energy much more efficiently  than 48% faster X Vida standard wireless chargers that are how we developed a series of blazing fast charging mounts they're designed to blend perfectly with your daily activities from the moment you start your day all the while providing the ultimate freedom and convenience 20 min drive 20% more battery 100min 100% charger galaxy s7 edge compatible with android qi enabled phones power banks but you can so easily forget to charge it was definitely slower than water always searching for the sweet spot and something charging stopped. we knew our mission will be accomplished only if we were able to come up with the product that is much better than existing solutions so we test it for months just to select the best components than we designed our own circuit  boards optimized for speed and low heat dissipation the result is stunning in every aspect technical and aesthetic we've invested more than a year to design seven new products made for phones and her compatible smartphones they're great at home car or office and we're now at point where the tooling is all set and all that is missing for production to start is your pledge 

new technology gadgets
spooly cable


Frustrated by tangled cables that take up too much space and are expensive to replace introducing spooly cable.

The  cable for the rigors of modern-day life on the move no more frayed cables the design prevents damage and joy between the cables and connector reversible USB wires USB wires aligned side by side to prevent bending and fatigue the cable ben's along natural curve of the wires higher build quality for enhancing longevity allows reliable syncing and charging of  your iPhone i pad and iPod available in different sizes 25 centimeters and one meter connector doubles as a cable spooly rounded edges prevent damage to the internal wires when coiled the cable efficiently forms a coil  via the innovative mac system the end of the cable is securely fastened small enough to fit in your pocket or purse coils prevent knots and tangles when traveling available in a range of colors spooly cable. 

new technology gadgets


Boost your smartphone's flashlight when light is not enough to stick on f.lens for a 10x light boost your phone flashlight f.lens your phone 10mt boosted 10x with f.lens use f.lens for night & photography emergencies DIY repairs technical inspections outdoor & geocaching works on most devices premium materials aluminum & glass made in Italy  

new technology gadgets
Beastgrip Pro


The next generation of be stripped the world's first universal lens adapter and rigged system for all smartphones we redesigned all the major components to improve its functionality and manufacturing process the beast grip pros body it's will be manufactured with an injection molding process made from a durable glass filled nylon material combined .with custom machine parts and carefully assembled by hand in Chicago Illinois the be script pro is compatible with virtually any smartphone  our new class air optimised for holding both small and large devices and the redesigned lens mount is now adjustable on three axes for improved alignment even on phones with protruded cameras the b-school crop is completely modular it has a removable handle lens mount assembly allowing the user to modify their setup to their own personal preference if you're looking for a tripod mount comfortable grip paired with your favorite clip on mobile lens or a full-featured set up with tons of accessories then look no further the beast grip pro can do it all along with the beasts cry to we are launching our be stripped depth of field  of field adapter for SLR lenses plus wide angle and fish conversion lenses this grip pro the world's most versatile tool for camera phone photographers and videographers 


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