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Monday, 26 December 2016


Samsung galaxy J7 Full Review and Tricks

samsung galaxy j7 full review and tricks
Samsung galaxy j7 2016 edition and today  we will be seeing 30-plus basic to advanced tricks important points the shortcut to camera application you can double tap on home button and as you can see it lost the camera application and it's the home screen but also it works from applications and also from the browser, for example, think you are in place for or any other party application you can quickly tap or press the home button and as you can see it launches the camera application so which is a very good thing and it comes in pretty handy no a 5 15inch devices so it's pretty big to handle device in single and so we do have support for single-handed more on this device to press the home button triceps quickly as you can see the screen shrunk to the size of go from here you can access the notification tree back, 

samsung galaxy j7 full review and tricks
Button multitasking button and the home button works perfectly fine and you can also shift it towards the left left handed or you can shift towards the right for right handed and that pretty handy you can return to full screen from here or you can triple press them a home button again as you can see so this is pretty handy and next up for to transfer any application from one home screen brother home screen after press and hold and the transfer but that if you have to transform multiple applications so it will definitely be time consuming and convenient for that Samsung in marshmallow that sixth or not one they have included a new feature for that you have to present hold on the application and  you can move towards that right top corner and it. 

Says that more absent so drop this application on that icon and as you see a tree appears so now you can transform any applications for that laughs we'll select which applications you want to move for example of all cups to move camera to move settings application as you can see we can move to the home screen these applications to be and then tap on these applications and they will be arranged from the left top corner towards the right so it's pretty easy and it's pretty convenient as 10 single- handed more and the quick launch for camera applications can be enabled or disabled from advanced feature under settings as you can see you can disable or enable and you have one-handed operation you can disable or enable this one so now singles fight but gives you this notification tray and some quick toggles as you can see the movie you can move between these dollars and if you want to the full list of quick to toggles then you can swipe again and you can also edit these things such as you can everyone more  in these top 10 then can drag and drop it here and similar flashlight drag and drop to go to quick toggles you can use grouping addition now quickly show you how to capture the screenshot for to press the power button and the home button at the same time so it quickly capture the screenshot and be accessed from the replication create or from the gallery so from the lock screen and silver you can launch the dialogue of the camera application and that this is not just limited to these two applications but at the same time you can launch other applications as to lock screen and security apps shortcuts app shortcuts as you can see the left chocolate is fro from the right shortcut is for camera can customize to open the camera open the count calculator the calculator and the camera this pattern.


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Samsung galaxy J7 best Full Review