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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Blink Home Security System Device Review

Blink Home security system camera 

blink home security system device review

The blink wireless home security and video monitoring system is a completely wireless solution cameras around your house you buy as a kit for 199 dollars you get the base station and the camera you can add more cameras individually they're sixty dollars apiece the system can handle up to 10 cameras on each base station they run on two double-a lithium batteries that will last for up to a year of use so set up with one of the cameras on top of monitor at work monitor at work and one of the cameras on top of file cabinet anytime somebody walks by it does record a clip and take with the blink system because of the battery power it constantly record video it only records video when it detects motion and it only records clips from one second up to 10 seconds which is user-definable the app that video is stored.

The cloud it blinks server but if you decide you need to hang on to one you can certainly in the app decide to email it to yourself or to anybody else the cameras also allow for live view so we call up the app on your phone you can pick the individual cameras and see the moment but can actually record just speaking had the entire system up and running within 10 minutes and recording and it varied easily to do lot of promise  to that in fact  on the website link shows a lot of the coming soon features the blink realize buy it before you put it records clips and back-to-back there is a little reset between the clips you know this could be a system that grows with you and keep your house protected.  


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