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Monday, 9 January 2017


Overall History The Past to Feature Smartphones

Overall History past to feature smartphones
History Smartphone

History Smartphone

The history of smartphones timeline from the launch of the iPhone in 2007 to the resignation of rims bosses a history of the most competitive technology market in the world January 2007 Steve jobs chief executive of apple unveils the iPhone which he says is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer calls it the most expensive phone in the world April 2007 technology research company Gardner says that in  the first three months of 2007 Microsoft's Windows Mobile had an 18-percent share of the smartphone market.

Then totaling 17 meters handsets November 2007 google announces it will offer the Android mobile operating  system for free anyone can use it and change it by  default it uses it uses google  services for search email video ask if there will be a google phone head of android and Reuben relies there will be thousands of google phone some you like some you don't Microsoft bomber says we'll have to see what google does right now they have a press release we have many many millions of customers great software many hardware devices and they welcome in our world October two thousand eight apple announces 4.7 meters iPhone in the summer quarter giving nearly thirteen percent of the smartphone market research in motion had had fifteen percent November two thousand eight first android phone.

The g1 launches it has a slideout keyboard and limited touchscreen capability December two thousand eight Microsoft decides to kill off windows mobile because compete with the iPhone and  android and develop windows phone it completely new mobile operating system autumn 2009 rim  has a 20-percent share of the smartphone market from July-to-September says gardener second only to Nokia Symbian which has 44- percent January 2010 apple launches.

the iPad attending tablet February 2010 android phones with full touchscreen interaction like the iPhone appear march 2010 steve jobs need to google chief executive eric Schmidt and threatens him over what he sees as copying of iPhone features in android apple suits Taiwan's HTC over as touchscreen android phone April 2010 google's android game just under ten percent of the market in first three months of 2010 says Gardner September 2010 Samsung launches galaxy tab 27 and tablet, Lepak  a late flow resigns as CEO of Nokia he is replaced by Stephen Elop who joins from Microsoft office division October 2010 Microsoft's first phones runtime windows phone sales are low-class  cries rims co-chief executive shows off the playbook a 7 tablet January 2011 researchers gardener and IDC announced that smartphones outsold pcs worldwide.

 the last three months of 2001 hundred meters as against 93 meters February 2011 in lobby announces that Nokia will use Microsoft's windows phone software for future smartphone in a stage presentation alongside valor April 2011 apple becomes the largest smartphone vendor by numbers and revenue selling 18.6 meters iPhone just ahead of Samsung's 17.5 meters in the year's first quarter android becomes the best-selling smartphone platform with a 36-point six percent share ahead of some beings 27- percent apple Samsung in us over the appearance.

 The galaxy tab tablet and follows it up with a string of legal cases around world claiming infringement   of patents and trade dress all over our ongoing jun 2011 apple and Nokia sign a patent licensing agreement following a four-year dispute apple hands over for 30 minutes settlement and degrees a per  handset royalty for the future Microsoft begins demanding payments from makers of android handsets claiming patent infringement Samsung and HTC agree /handset payments July two thousand eleven android takes forty-three percent t of the smartphone market in the second quarter of the year says Gardner October two thousand eleven Samsung become the largest smartphone vendor according to estimates the company has stopped giving smartphone shipment numbers over concerns about apple's lawsuits dot Enochian unveils. 

the Lumia 800 its first windows phones device apple announces it has sold 11.1 meters pads giving sixty percent share of the entire market November two thousand eleven android had more than fifty percent of the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2011 says Gartner December two thousand eleven rim takes a 485 million dollars charge against an estimated 1.2 meters unsold playbook sitting in its warehouses January 2012 Microsoft gets LG to pay undisclosed 4 handset royalties Microsoft says it now has such agreements for seventy percent of android handsets sold in the u.s. generate 2012 Jim Balsillie and class  Aaron has resigned as co-CEOs and co-chairman of rim replaced by Torstenyeears  his and barbara stymied who have been with the company for some years


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