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Saturday, 7 January 2017


Poplars Free Android Apps | Muviz, Tiles, Prisma beta, Pyrope browser, Photos scan, Walli app, parallel windows for nougat, Opera VPN, Inquire | Best apps

Poplars free android apps
Android Apps

Official Poplars apps

Best apps 2017 are 10 free android applications


Displays a music visualizer beneath navbar while listening to a song or watching a video and you don't even need to have a phone with virtual and that bars to join the app works on the bottom of the screen for standard to these are pretty neat visualizations that you can customize to your liking plenty of templates to choose from personally to keep it simple and subtle but you can go crazy it also only enables when there is actual sound playing on your device so it gets out of the way when you're not listening to anything 

2. Tiles 

Andrew gets so if your phone is still on marshmallow or below you should skip to the next appt anyways this is a great way to create new and unique tiles on your quick setting panel with plenty of commands to choose from quickly retrieve weather conditions enter demoed set reminder to be shown as a notification set the system-wide animation value and so much more plus most styles that pop up with a window have amazing animations with a materialized look and the custom icons in well with your default icons

 3. Prisma beta 

Prisma is a photo app that applies a series of artistic filters to your photos and allows you to share the final result to your social feeds  and save them on you phone as well there's plenty of filters to choose from and your typical Instagram filters each filter probably turned each photo into an amazing painting pretty intense shared the beta version with you because it should get fixed and enhanced features before the other listing on the play store eight 

4. Navbar Apps 

The same old navigation bar you can use this app to spice things up a bit this allows you to change the color of your map are based on the currently running app select cool backgrounds for a unique look to display your battery level and much more it require root very simple to use all you need is a navigation bar and ready to go three 

5. Pyrope Browser

Pyrope browser based on the CyanogenMod browser and chromium pyrope is a great alternative to google chrome with plenty of useful features you have incognito-mode search privately a power-saving mode to improve battery life by restricting performance night mode immersive mode edge navigation a dynamic notification bar to change the status bar color based on the wedsite you're on offline reading and so much more plus if you phone has a snapdragon processor then you will experience an increase in performance by ten to forty percent making this faster than most browsers on the play store 

6. Photos Scan

new scanner app from google photos that lets you scan and state your favorite printed photos just by using your phone's camera and it works just fine it also varies easy-to-use getting rid of any glare  has automatic cropping based on edge detection and backs up those photos on the cloud so you always have those memories 

7. Walli App

Wallpaper app wally provides tons of free wallpapers that you can't find anywhere else this is not typical backgrounds app with the same usual photostat on the internet instead it's a collection of high-quality walls from an exclusive community of very talented artist the one phone is called beta CMYK you can set it download 

8. Parallel windows for nougat

Andrew get so yeah if you happen to use a split window mode in and renew get then you should try out pressed windows as it lets you run two copies of the same app in split-screen normally one aperture panel but this app includes a mirror options a mirror option to get rid of that limitation to take it one step further and also provides a floating mini apt door and an on-screen shortcut

9. Opera VPN

Free VPN bio parts that blocks and tracker and lets you change your virtual location to access web content that may be blocked in your home country it's easily one the fastest and most reliable VPN services for your smartphones with  an extra option to determine your wi-fi security level to see if there are any potential threats on your network it may not be the most secure VPN as it's completely free but it's a great ease of use for anyone who wants and unlimited VPN 

10. Inquire

screen sharing app made by coach that allows you to share your screen with another device letting you help someone with a problem or issues they may have on their phone while being miles away from all you need to do is give or type in as access code from either user and from there you can access someone else's home screen you may not able to control their phone but you can guide the end-user by drawing on the screen and talking to them through a voice chat feature so if your parents are grandma calls you about a phone problem 


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